Open box above fluorescent?


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Actually the Keystones are not too bad...Keystone is an old company who like all US companies is relying on China more and more. In fact ALL US ballast mfrs use mostly Chinese chips in theirs, and made more in Mexico as Joe mentioned....but the US ones are overseen a bit better and tested better etc. The fact is that that is one of the ones you should have less trouble with and being a US based company they should be set up for warranty replacements, as opposed to many I have seen that have no way of being replaced under warranty, or even wiring up the same. Most US based companies give a 5 year warranty on might d/c that online and make note of it if you DO have issues. Probably the only way you would get a better fixture is to go to an Electrical Wholesaler like a Graybar or an independant one like the one I work for. Metalux or Lithonia commercial units are about as good as it gets. That being said, yours should be decent. I did see some complaints on the ballasts failing on Lowes web site. But it bears noting that most people who bother to write reviews are the ones upset. The two big things with these fixtures are quality and ease of installation, and ballst quality since no fixture mfr makes their own ballasts other than a few industrials. Yes, you could do better, but I see little wrong with these based on their being Keystone ballasts and the fact they are commercial units. (I hope I did not jinx you, LOL). Bottom line, you should be OK, but if it concerns you go elsewhere and get a name brand commercial fixture.
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OK installed. That was pretty easy. I see the advantages now of wiring in the channel and all the optional punchouts and extra wire in there.

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