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Cool gfci breaker

I am limited on the slots in my subpannel. I currently have two seperate 20 amp gfci breakers taking up two slots looking at two outlet circuits. Is there a dual gfi breaker set up (two 110v seperate gfci breakers) that would allow me to run both 110 v circuits off of one slot resulting in the same protection I had before. any help is greatly appreciated.
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Why those slots?

You could use regular breakers and start each circuit with a GFCI receptacle or you could place a 2 gang box below the panel and use two dead face GFCIs.
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What brand name this subpanel it as Ray suggest that one way you can do that.

AFAIK I don't really recall see a GFCI breaker in two pole fashon in twinner format so one way you can actally meet the codes do as Ray suggest or if you run this in MWBC then split it at latter part at the first junction box then from there you run convental GFCI.


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