Replacing a ceiling fan Question


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Replacing a ceiling fan Question

Hello, I was hoping someone with knowledge could validate the ceiling fan work that I did, or tell me if I did something glaringly wrong. My project was to replace a ceiling fan in my kitchen.

Upon removing the old fan I realized that a proper box had never been used, Existing was a 1.5 inch deep box attached to the joist with a piece of scrap wood. So I first removed that and installed a Westinghouse Side Mount fan box with four lag screws to the ceiling joist.

I live in a 1950's colonial with updated wiring, but this particular circuit still contains know and tube, thus there were only two wires coming into the box. When I trimmed back the existing wiring before installing the new box I trimmed it a bit too short to adequately work with (only 1 - 1.5 inches coming into the new box), so I need a pigtail. It's a 15 amp circuit, so I pigtailed both the hot and neutral wires with stranded 14 AWG properly color coded wire and secured with a wire nut and electrical tape. The old insulation from the knob and tube terminates upon entering the electrical box. There are now 5 wires in this 2.5 inch deep box, 3 hot and 2 the two neutrals. There is no ground, so I just secured the 2 grounds together and placed in the box.

I just am trying to confirm that I did not make any glaring mistakes, so any feedback is definitely appreciated. Thanks.
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From your description, your installation is correct. When doing your wire count for box size you do not count the wires that do not leave the box. IE: The pigtails are not counted for box fill.
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Tolyn, thanks so much for the quick reply and information. Much appreciated!


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