Can't fit the outlets into a two device box


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Can't fit the outlets into a two device box

I want to put two outlets into this two device box, but the outlets are so big and I have a bit too much wiring in it for it to fit.

I could not use a deeper box because it is a narrow spot and behind it is solid concrete with rebars.

May be I can change to a three device box? But due to the narrow space I would have to orient the three device box vertically, and hence the outlets would be positioned "sideways", is that OK?

Or should I double up another two device box below, one outlet up top and one at the bottom?
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Yes, you can do a 3- or 4-gang sideways. When you mount the receps make sure the wide (neutral) slot is on top.

You could consider a 4-11/16 box, if you can find one shallow enough, with a flat mud ring. I've got a couple of those hiding just under the surface of my walls. The sheetrock finisher told me the compound might crack there, but it's been nine years with no trouble, so I guess he did a decent job with them.

I can't tell how deep the existing box is. If the receptacles would touch the back of the box even with no wires in there, you haven't got a chance. However if there is at least some space, you may be able to disconnect the existing wiring, re-groom it, and hook it all back up again.

I don't see that your ground wire is attached to the metal box. It needs to be. Then you could eliminate the two green pigtails and use self-grounding devices.

Since you have conduit, you could replace solid with stranded, which is a bit easier to manipulate, although it won't stay in place.

More importantly with stranded, you can pull excess back to the next j-box to give yourself a little less pigtail in the problem box.

Will the existing mud ring sit flush with the finished wall surface? You can get very deep mud rings, but that won't do you much good if it would stick out from the wall.

You could use a surface mount wiremold box. Again, not the best option.
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the first thing I will suggest you get diffrent Brand name GFCI I know Levition did make shallow verison of GFCI device and it will take a bit less room than what you have there.

So that is my first suggest for some reason I will suggest the other option is add a handibox on lower right part of the box with offset nipple it should line up correct otherwise you can have three gang box but the key issue is you may not find one with correct depth to come out to match the drywall.

The box you have now that is standard depth box which it will be 1 1/2 inch deep IIRC plus you have half inch mud ring { your photo may show 3/8 inch mudring if that the case let me know }

I know AMM did suggest turn it side way and get three gang verison but really I don't recall see three gang box that shallow.

So if PCboss or other here may know couple more items in the states due I am in France I am used to European stuff but I do know Americian stuff as well but that set up will have little more challange so just try change to diffrent namebrand GFCI many time they will have slightly diffrent size GFCI if you can get them smaller size then great that will really reduce the headache on it.

Hope that help ya.

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I think if the OP reworked how some of the wires are arranged in the box they will be able to make everything fit. They will need to make sure nothing gets cut by the device screws when they screw the devices into the box.
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It's a little more expensive, but you could install a GFCI breaker and eliminate the bulk of the GFCI receptacle.

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