blew power without tripping breaker??


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blew power without tripping breaker??

hey im from canada bc i was installing a new dimmer switch hooked up the wires turn the breaker back on checked to see if it worked it did then i went to screw the switch into the wall and it sparked and blew the power to all that was controlled by the breaker i had turned back on. the breaker did not trip and the power was still off i tryd to flip it on and off did nothing then i replaced the 15 amp breaker piece and still no power also i looked for the gfci things i dont have any what can i do ??

thanks in advance ,shaun
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The problem is probably a bad connection. It could be at the last working, receptacle, light, or switch or the first non-working one. Move all back stabbs to the screws. Remove and inspect all wirenut connections.

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