Junction box question


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Junction box question

Hi everyone,

So, im mapping out a whole room rewire and I had a question about junction boxes. If I were to run the main line (12/2) from the service panel to the room I'm rewiring then split it in a junction box before I start going to any outlets or switches can I still utilize AFCI breaker protection for both of the lines after the split?

The junction box would have two branches, and each would be utilized in the same room. I was thinking of using the jbox to reduce the drywall, stud, and joist drilling.

This is a bedroom so I wanted to use the AFCI breaker.
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As long as it is only one 12/2 (hot, neutral, ground) cable leaving the main panel for this circuit, the AFCI breaker will function correctly.
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Yes, it is one 12/2 line going from the service panel, to the junction box, where it splits to two branches. Both branches will be used in the same room. And an AFCI breaker of course.
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The box must also remain accessible.

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