Service Grounding Question


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Service Grounding Question


I'm getting ready to change the meter pan and main service panel on my house and Iím a little unclear on how the grounding needs to be connected on this one. I've done one in the past where I connected the GEC in the service panel to the ground bus bar and the ground and neutral buses are bonded together. I was reading the POCO requirements here and it states that the GEC must be connected in the meter pan. I haven't been able to find a clear answer on how all the grounding needs to be connected together in this configuration. Do I simply terminate the GEC in the meter pan and everything else stays the same? Does this affect the bonding jumper or panel bond configuration in any way? Do I need to run a ground wire from the meter pan to the grounding bus in the service panel?

Some background info:
New service will be 200A with underground feed from POCO in PVC.
Meter pan and Service panel are mounted on the outside wall next to each other.
Meter pan and service panel will be connected together with PVC conduit.
Grounding Electrode system will consist of 2 ground rods (No metal water pipes or other ground available)
City Iím in is under 1999 NEC
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If the power company doesn't specify the location of the ground/neutral bond, I would assume that you should do that in the main panel just like the procedure you're familiar with. The only difference would be that the GEC lands on a lug in the meter pan instead of on the ground/neutral bar in the main panel. This requirement is not in the NEC, however, so the national code will be of little help on this matter. You may need to contact someone at the local inspector's office or power company to get a firm answer for the requirement in your area.
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This is a prime example of how different localities and power company requirements can differ. In my area the panels go inside the house or basement and the water service GEC goes to the neutral bar in the panel, but the GEC to the ground rod is terminated on the ground lug inside the meter socket which is bonded to the neutral conductor.
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Joe its funny you say that because in maryland, the utility company wires the meter can and you aren't allowed to touch it and if you had a 600 amp or larger that required a ct cabinet, you aren't allowed to have a ground wire in the ct. I guess that's why the code book says subject to AHJ.

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