Generator Transfer Switch


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Generator Transfer Switch

I would like to install a generator transfer switch that will allow me to feed my entire panel from the generator, not just a few selected circuits. My generator is not large enough to run everything, I already well know that, I only need to selectively run a couple of things & plan to disable everything else not needed. I do want both busses to be hot so that any light & any outlet in the house can be used. Most of the manual transfer switches I've seen require you to wire over a hand full of selected circuits, but I think I saw one that simply selects feed either from the meter or from your generator. That is what I'd prefer to use. I plan to add a receptacle where I can plug a jumper cable from my generator outout into the circuit (feed pint #2), then throw the switch to change the power source to the generator. Any thoughts / input from someone who's done this will be greatly appreciated!
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It sounds like what you want is a double throw switch rated high enough to carry all the amperage rating of your service through it when operating on normal power. I doubt you'll find a service entrance rated double throw switch so you would also need a service entrance rated main disconnect between the meter and the double throw switch. This also means the present main panel would become a subpanel and all the neutrals and grounds would have to be separated. What size service do you have?
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You might be talking about this.

Generator InterLock Kit

But follow your local electrical codes.

Mike NJ
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How much do you want to spend? Automatic or manual? What your asking for is pretty common, espcially in the world of computer datacenters. Basically your service and generator would wire into the transfer switch, and the output would run to your load panel. I have this setup at my cabin with a propane generator. We could run our entire cabin with AC for a few days, more if we are conservitive.

Check out Automatic Transfer Switch - Asco Transfer Switch & Generator Transfer Switch they might have something in your price range. Make sure you keep everything within code. Electric company will require you to have something in place that will prevent backfeed. Most require you to put it outside by the meter so that they can access it.
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Depending on the brand/model of your panel, there may be a replacement dead-front for it that has a mechanical interlock between the Main and the 1-3 breaker slots. You would install a 30A double pole breaker connects to your power inlet into the 1-3 slot.. The interlock prevents both from ever being on at the same time (the live male 'suicide cord' situation). However, I personally do not like whole panel manual switches. For one, it is way too easy to overload your genny. Second, with the main off, you will have absolutely no indication of when utility power comes back. I always recommend using a subpanel style switch.

Hpservertech, transfer switches are customer-side equipment, and they prevent backfeed by design. There is no need nor requirement for the utility to ever access it.
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Transfer switch

I use a Gen/Tran it is manual. Go with the 15amp breakers.
I really would say you should get a geberator that fits the bill, that way there won't be any problems...
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