Home wiring schematics?


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Question Home wiring schematics?

Where could I find a copy of my home wiring schematics? Would the county have this from when the contractor build the house?
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I doubt there are any. Most homes are designed/built meaning the contractor likely "winged it". Best thing you will find is an electrical plan showing location of appliances, lighting, switches and receptacles. This also may have changed in the field due to unforeseen items.
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No such thing. Even if there were blueprints available, all they show is locations of outlets, switches, fixtures, etc. How the electrician wires them and where he routes everything is defined as "standard practices"..ie you don't normally route a cable up and over if you can do a straight shot by drilling a few holes.

All you can do is make a detailed list/table/drawing of what breaker controls what. If you open walls you might get an idea of how its run, but it might not even be the same all over the house. For instance...I live in a one story and most of my circuits come out of the exterior panel up in the wall all in a bundle to the attic, then run through the attic and drop down through the interior walls to each room. Very little is run though holes drilled in the studs in the walls. Back in VA it was almost all run through the studs.

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