A.F.C.I. or G.F.C.I.


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A.F.C.I. or G.F.C.I.

I am adding a room to the basement and it is on a new run. Do I need to install an A.F.C.I. or a G.F.C.I???
We wired the room with 12/3 wire, there are five receptacles on the circuit.
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If it's an unfinished basement room with a concrete floor it needs a GFCI. If it's a finished room it probably needs a AFCI depending on what version of NEC you fall under. 2008 or later rquires a AFCI for a finished room. Why did you use 12-3 romex, 12-2 would have been sufficient.
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My mistake, I did use 12/2. It is a completely finished room.
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20A Combination afci.
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AFCIs are the current code requirement for finished rooms, but depending on your locality, they may or may not be required. You can always use them if you want, but in my opinion, I'd probably only use them if required.

A call to your local building department to ask them what National Electric Code cycle (NEC) you're under. As Joe said, if it's 2008 or later, you're stuck having to use AFCI. If it's 2005 (like around here), it's your choice.

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