3 wires in a box with multi. voltage readings


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3 wires in a box with multi. voltage readings


There is a elect. box (wires capped off) in a wall in the hallway of this house, behind the box is a closet in the main bathroom so I wonder if the elect wires were used for a heater at one time.

There are 3 wires in the box, red, black and white, when tested the red and black produce 220v, then it gets weird to me, the red and white produce 110v but the black and white produce like 50-60v or so, my volt meter has a gauge so I can't tell exactly but it looks like approx. 1/2 110v.

What is going on there...is the correct or am I testing incorrectly?
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Maybe it was 240 at one time and one wire has been disconnected. Doesn't explain the 50-60 if you are using an analog meter. Are there any unknown 240v breakers in you breaker panel? Maybe a faulty pole on a 240 breaker might explain it if both sides are still hooked up.

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