Need help with electrical system in my house


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Need help with electrical system in my house


4 years ago I moved in my newly built house. I paid extra in order to upgrade to 200 amps from 100 amps. This house only has 2 people living in it and make ordinary usage of electricity. Nothing fancy like indoor pool, etc.

But since the day I took possession, when there is bad weather outside, like rain, thunder and lightning, I will lose power. Usually for one second or less. This happens a few times a year from spring to fall.

I didn't ask the builder during the warranty period as this was such an isolated event. Nevertheless it is a very annoying one, as for example, the furnace doesn't have time to reset in summer and the A/C keeps working, so I end up with ice inside the furnace.

I am planning to hire an electrician to have a look at my electrical system. But I would have appreciated having inputs as to the possible causes of such situation. So I do not look like a complete idiot in front of the electrician.

Thanks in advance.

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I really doubt that it is anything wrong with your electrical installation but it is likely a problem with the power company's feeders to your home. This could be as close by as the attachment point to the house or as far as many miles away. If the outages is isolated to only your home, call the power company and tell them about the outages you have been experiencing and ask them if they could check the connections servicing your house. If the outages effect other neighbors to your house, it is likely a connection someplace else and the PoCo will have to do some checking around their system. The PoCo will do this service for free, 24/7, just make sure to tell them what the problem is. The only time I have seen issues with electrical service/installations during storms is by direct lightning strikes. Then you will know what is wrong due to the burning smell.

BTW - Welcome to the forums!
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Thanks Tolyn Ironhand, I'll call the PoCo tomorrow and see what they say. I'll let you know the outcome once everything is sorted out. Thanks again.

P.S. One thing I just remember is that during construction they had initially installed the connection for the electric meter on the wrong side of the house and had to re-do it.
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It happens all the time that the wind will work a connection loose outside. Usually the power company can find and fix it pretty easily.
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That happens all of the time where I live and the lights also go to half-brightness. It is on poco side as it is not just my house. I just ignore it.
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I will lose power. Usually for one second or less. This happens a few times a year from spring to fall.
Wind creates havoc for all power companies. A blink or slight flicker in the lights is most likely a problem of wind blowing and a loose connection. If your power goes all the way off for a split second or full second and then comes back on, there is most likely automatic switching taking place at a substation. Regardless, it is bothersome, but better than losing power for 3 to 5 days.

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