Tingle from faucet


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Tingle from faucet

I just recently felt a tingle from a faucet I have in my garage. I put a meter to the faucet handle and to the drain and got a reading of 1.5v, but it went up when the water would run to 5.6v. Just recently I decked the attic above my garage. Could I have nicked a wire with a nail? Why does the voltage increase with the water running? I have segregated the circuit that runs to my garage as the culprit for the voltage (I turned the main off and tested and got no voltage and then flipped the breakers one by one till I had a reading.) Any suggestions? I wanted to see if I could get some direction on what to look for, but if it looks to be to difficult, I will call an electrician to troubleshoot.

Other information.

I have a gas water heater.
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The roof decking could be related if you just nicked a wire enough to cause a small leakage of current, however for it to make it all the back to the garage plumbing is odd. How is plumbed up? Copper supply lines? Iron, copper or plastic waste? Does the plumbing come up through the slab or through interior walls? Does your electric panel have a ground wire bonding to the water service?
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The garage is attached to the home and the pipes are galvanized steel that come from the interior walls. I'm not sure about the bonding. I can only see the ground wire leading to a grounding rod at my box. My water line enters my home on the opposite side of the house from my breaker box.

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