Hooking up new cicruits


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Hooking up new cicruits

Okay, so here's the deal. I've pulled new wire for two new circuits in my basement. I've pulled the panel cover off only to reveal that the original owner or builder has pulled wire into the panel and left in not hooked to a new breaker (hope this makes sense). I've since found that there are 6 wires in the ceiling that obviously coincide with the wires pulled into the panel.

So my question is this. Without being able to pull new wire into the panel (because it has been finished up to the sides), can I:
- hook two new breakers up in the panal;
- identify which of the six wires is the ceiling are now live;
- once identified, murret the new wires with existing wires that are now hooked to new breakers (within a junction box)?

Does this make sense?
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With a multimeter in hand, tie one cable pair together with a bcap (disregard grounding wire), and go to each suspected wire outlet. Check each cable for AC power first. Then check each for continuity between the black and white. When you get to one that shows continuity, go back to the box and unhook the two you tied together. Recheck the outlet to ensure you have no continuity on that cable. You have identified one circuit. Do it on all six circuits. Label both ends with colored tape or numbers so you won't forget.
Just remember your junction boxes must remain exposed. You can't hide them.

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