Junction box in ceiling


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Junction box in ceiling

I am trying to replace a two-wire switch with an automated switch (Insteon), which requires a neutral. This is for a pair of kitchen downlights (Lightolier 1102 in a sheetrock ceiling). There is no neutral at the switch for the light circuit. There is an outlet in the same box as the switch, with a neutral, but it's on a different circuit, which is GFCI. I have two ideas.

1) Eliminate the existing switch, install a relay/dimmer in the ceiling next to the light, and control the circuit with an Insteon remote switch. I could install an Insteon 2475D relay/in-line dimmer in the ceiling to control the light. The downlight has a junction box built-in. Can I put the dimmer unit in that box, which would be a little tight. Instead, could I put another junction box near the dowlnlight, in the ceiling for the relay? I would attach it to a joist and it would be accessible through the downlight opening. I do not want to have a plate/box showing on the ceiling. Is this a safety/code problem?

-- or --

2) Replace the switch with the automated switch (Insteon 2476D), and use the GFCI circuit's neutral. This would be easy, but my understanding is that you are not supposed to cross over to another circuit's neutral line.

Do either of the ideas above seem safe and code compliant? Any other ideas? (Given the switch's location, it would be difficult to run another neutral line to the switch box.)

I appreciate any help with this.
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Your first idea is the only one acceptable per NEC, the second one does not meet code! If you do the first one any junction box needs to remain accessible either from downstairs or from the attic. They are required to have covers but they cannot be buried inside walls behind sheetrock.
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You cannot share the neutral of other circuits.

I don't think the recessed fixtures JB would have enough room for a dimmer. The dimmer would not have any place to radiate heat either.

I don't see either option as a solution.
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You cannot share the neutral of other circuits.
In addition, if you did share the neutral, you would probably trip the GFI on the other GFI protected circuit. And yes, it also is a code violation.
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The Insteon in-line dimmers are designed to fit into the recessed junction box. I haven't installed one of those specifically, so I can't say how tight the fit actually is.

A couple other code-compliant potential solutions (depending on your setup):
- Run a new 3-wire cable to the switch box. This may require a bit of drywall repair, but it may end up being the easiest solution.
- Run a new 3-wire cable to a hidden but accessible location. Maybe inside a nearby closet, pantry, or cabinets. The in-line dimmer would be installed here, still accessible, but out of visible range.

Good luck!
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Thank you all for your comments.

There is a lot of room in the ceiling and no insulation, so heat dissipation may be okay, and there is a heat triggered switch on the box. I will also consider a relay instead of dimmer, which I assume runs cooler. I'll give some more thought to running another 3-wire cable, but I am dealing with the kitchen in the middle of the house with a finished basement and second floor below and above. I don't have the Insteon in-line dimmer, so I will order one and get a better feel for how it fits in the box.
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In case anybody was curious, the Insteon in-line dimmer fit well into the existing junction box. Works well.
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Thanks for letting us know.

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