Do i need 200amp instead of 150 amp?


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Do i need 200amp instead of 150 amp?

Im currently building a new 2400 sq ft house. It will cost an extra $500 to upgrade to 200amp. i have central ac, electric dryer, dishwasher, microwave, stove , oven and oil heat and hot water. I would like to put in a pool eventually and outdoor lighting. Do i need to have 200 or will 150 sufice? I dont mind paying for it if ill need it but would rather not if it wasnt neccessary. Any input would be great. Thanks
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Received 3 Votes on 3 Posts's worth the money. Doing it later could run $2000. Things you add later (pool heater, dedicated outlet for compressor or welder in the garage, etc) could eat it up quick. Make sure the panel is big and has plenty of open spots.
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I will not be welding or using a pool heater just a pump. Before the pool or heavy power tools what will my approx usage be i have no idea.Is it still worth it? Thanks
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200 amps in a 2400 sq ft sounds right to me. That's what I have. House is now 15 years old, and the box is stuffed.

If you later add a finished basement, sun room, etc. you can quickly fill the box. When it eventually comes to sell time, many buyers may demand a service upgrade before buying. Cheaper to do it in today's dollars.
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A 200 amp service also adds to the value to the home. How much IDK but I always see it mentioned. $500 seams a little on the high side for the up sizing of the service from 150 to 200 amp but I can't see the job from here. I do also say it os worth it just for the breaker spaces.

If you do go for it tell them you want a 40 space/40 circuit panel. Not a 30 space/40 circuit panel.
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Originally Posted by Tolyn Ironhand View Post
$500 seams a little on the high side for the up sizing of the service from 150 to 200 amp but I can't see the job from here.
I was thinking the same thing considering really there are things that should change would be the size of the wire from the meter base to the breaker panel and the main breaker. The wire shouldn't cost more than about $50.00 different and the breaker should be the same or minimally more. Maybe if it's overhead service you would upsize the feed from the Peckerhead to the base but I would hope the electrician was planning on having that oversize anyway. Unless it's a very unusual circumstance I don't see the price difference being much more than $100.
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I've been in a number of houses with stuffed 40 space panels with stuffed subpanels. Now that the 42 circut requirement is lifted, I hope they make 60 space panels soon.
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YES 200Amp Service

You are going to need to go to the 200Amp service if you are thinking anything about a pool. It's always a good idea to have more esp since your house seems to be all electric. Wire is very expensive right now. It hasn't gone down at all. The size of the wire and extra man handeling that is involved is not worth 100. I am sure that there is a larger difference here. But, you can always have another electrician give you a bid.

Over all YES go with the 200Amp service.
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I would recommend that you go with the 200A, although maybe try to talk the contractor down on the price a bit. My price the difference between 150A and 200A would be right around $100 unless there was very unusual circumstances. There's no difference in labor and just slightly higher materials cost.
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I say go for the 200A. Historically, we have always increased our demand for electricity so it's a good bet for future protection. And $500 isn't very much in the whole scheme of your project.
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Thanks for all the quick responses I appreciate all of you taking the time.
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