Electrical outlet voltage problem


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Electrical outlet voltage problem

I've got two standard alternating current electrical outlets (just the standard 2 plug types, non-GFCI, non-switched) that have zero voltage (actually about 2 volts). I've already tried replacing the outlets and have checked the voltage at the wires themselves - all the same. There are several other outlets nearby that are fine - these outlets are located next to each other. One outlet is a standard 2 wire - the other is a 4 wire - as I understand it these are just wires connected in series to another outlet somewhere (probably the other bad one)?

So I looked at the outlet directly next to the bad one and it had several wires - checked them all out and even wired them together to guarantee the series connection - still no voltage at the bad outlets.

The circuit breaker controlling the bad outlets controls a number of other outlets that are operating fine so I think the breaker is fine. No major construction or anything else has been done that would have damaged the integrity of the wires.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Measure the voltage between black and ground at the bad receptacles.

The problem may be at the last good receptacle. Check the connections there, replace any wire nuts, move any backstabs to the screws.

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