Keeping A Main Junction Box Organized


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Keeping A Main Junction Box Organized

I'm updating the electrical in my house and I installed a very large junction box in the attic above where the exterior distribution panel is located. All circuits come into the main junction and the main junction has some large conduit that runs to the distribution panel.

The only problem is that it is starting to look like a bird's nest despite my best efforts to keep it neat.

Any advice on keeping junction boxes neat?

Is there anything like a terminal block connector that NEC allows that would keep things neat?

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Yes you can use terminal blocks and rails, an electrical supply house will stock these items. It also helps to label wires with the number of the circuit breaker that powers them.
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Did you consider derating issues with the conductors in the large conduit?

IMO the terminal strips are unnecessary.
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How big the junction box you are talking about the common 4X4 or other sizes ?? if other you will have to post it for us so we can able determed if that box will have room for X numbers of conductors in there and also if you run in the conduit { pipe } that will affect as well.


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