Tripping Breaker


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Tripping Breaker

I have a neighbor that has a 15 amp C/B that is acting up. Everything was fine prior to a storm knocking out the power. When the power was restored later in the evening the circuit breaker in question immediately tripped and will not reset. Her kitchen lights and the outlets in the living room and closet are the only items on the circuit. The only draw on the circuit besides the kitchen lights is the TV in the LR; which is connected via a surge protector. Seems if there was a loose wire causing a short that it would have been loose prior to the power going out. Could a fried surge protector cause the c/b to continually trip? I don't want to go on a hunt for loose connections if I don't have to.


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Remove the the wire from the circuit breaker. Try resetting it if it won't reset disconnected it is bad and needs to be replaced.
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It could be the plug strip or a lockout on an afci if it is an afci breaker. It could also be a fried tv of something similuar. Un plug it and see what happens.
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Originally Posted by Disputanta Man View Post
which is connected via a surge protector.
Most surge protectors are single use. If this one has absorbed a surge from the storm it might be shorted out causing the breaker trip. Try resetting the circuit with the surge protector unplugged.

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