Electrical Inspection


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Electrical Inspection

Hi guys

I just inherited my dads home after he passed away. I needed to get insurance but could not do to the old wiring ( nob and tubing ). Going to rewire myself. I got all the permits and compliance papers. My question is this. What does the electrical inspector check first second and third. I mean what does he check first so I can get the ok to move on to the next step and so on. I live in cNY.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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Inspectors may vary but around here they will want to see the rough in when the walls are open and you have your wiring installed to all your device boxes before anything is concealed. Then there will be the final inspection when everything is finished. If your going to fish everything there won't be anything to see on the rough in so you would just have one inspection.

Rule of thumb is if there is anything you are going to conceal, you will need a rough in inspection.
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I would think you'd want to get the service inspected first so you could get the power company to connect it. After that, since this is a rewire, I wouldn't call the inspector back till it was finished. Another option would be to ask the inspector, when he is there to inspect the service, at what points he wants to come back to inspect your work. Ask him what he wants to see.

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