GFCI issue in the kitchen


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GFCI issue in the kitchen

Just moved into a renovated home with all new electrical, and we're having a minor issue with a GFCI receptacle in the kitchen. Several times a week, it will pop, and shut off power to two duplex receptacles. The only devices plugged into these receptacles are a coffee maker (with built-in clock) and the timer/clock system on the gas stove, neither of which are drawing any significant current.

At first we were stumped as to cause, but recently we realized that each time we notice the GFCI has tripped, it is shortly after someone used the ice and/or water dispenser on the refrigerator. Since then, we've verified that, although it doesn't happen every time, each time the GFCI pops, it is while we are getting ice or water from the refrigerator door dispenser.

The refrigerator is on its own separate circuit, which continues to provide power to the fridge after the GFCI shuts off power to the stove and coffee maker.

Does it make any sense for this to happen, and if so, how should I go about finding and fixing the root cause problem?


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That is a strange one. I would try just replacing the GFCI receptacle with a different one, probably a different brand. Some of them are sensitive to interference from electronics like HD televisions or computer equipment. I suppose some control board circuit in the fridge could be triggering the GFCI.
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If you replace the GFCI and there are still issues, check to see if it also protects any outside outlets or others elsewhere for that matter. Because this situation is so strange there is a possibility that if it does protect an outside outlet for example, moisture is getting into it and this is the real cause of the tripping problem. Just another thought based on something I went through when I didn't initially connect the right dots in sorting it out.

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