wiring cooktop


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wiring cooktop

I am replacing a cooktop that has a 3-wire plug going to a 3-wire receptacle. My new cooktop comes with a 4-wire cord (no plug). It has instructions for connecting the 4-wire to 3-wire house circuit in a junction box (connect white and green from cooktop to white from house). It doesn't mention replacing the 4-wire cord with a plug.
So my question is: since the manufacturer is clearly okay with connecting the 4-wire to 3-wire in a junction box, can I assume that it should be okay to replace the 4-wire cord altogether and put in a 3-wire plug while strapping together the white and ground on the cooktop? This way I can just plug it in as the old one was.
It seems like that shouldn't be any different than doing it in a junction box.
Or would you think I should leave the 4-wire and change my receptacle to a junction box and make the connections in the junction box as they say to do?
I assume to change it to a junction box would be a simple task of removing the receptacle, putting on a blank cover and punching out a knockout. Is that correct?

As my home is from 1991 I believe I am grandfathered in on being able to reuse my 3-wire connection without having to rewire to a 4-wire. If I change the receptacle to a junction box I assume that would still be under the grandfathering since I haven't changed the circuit. Does that sound right?
Thanks for any suggestions/info.
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Yes, your installation would be grandfathered in.

I would do what ever is easiest for you. Either plan is fine.
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Thank you very much for the info. I really appreciate it.

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