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Smile ground question

the garage on my property is detached, i recently decided to change out the cb panel to have more available circuits. while changing it out i discovered there was no ground on the panel only 2 hots and a neutral from a sub box fed from the meter. is a ground needed here or just use the neutral as my ground path as well?
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Before the 2008 NEC, it was acceptable to run a 3-wire (hot/hot/neutral) to a detached building as long as there were no other metallic paths to the building (metal water piping, telephone, etc). With 2008, the NEC was updated to require 4-wire to all detached buildings.

The question is: is this considered "grandfathered" since you are simply replacing the panel and not performing significant upgrades. It's a question that the inspector (AHJ) will have to answer if you're pulling a permit or you'll have to answer if you're not.

Regardless, you'll need a ground rod driven at the garage, connected to the ground bus of your new panel.
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thank u mr. z. since it's not too awfully difficult to add a ground rod on outside of building where panel is i'll just do that.
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Do the wires run inside a metal conduit? If not, you need to make sure the bonding screw or strap is connected to create a ground-neutral bond in your new panel. You also need to install some 8' ground rods using acorn clamps and #6 copper wire.

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