electric wall heater not working


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electric wall heater not working

We have an older cabin. There is an electric wall heater that is old and not working. Bought a new heater. It did not work. Checked wires with my meter and found only 30 volts. Need 120 volts. Appears that this is a dedicated circuit. Breaker is 25 amps and only thing connected is the heater wires. There are 2 wires (black and white) and a ground. About 2 years ago a contracted moved an electric hot water heater and got into the circuit breaker panel. The heater was working when we bought the cabin about 3 years ago.

Any idea why ther is only 30 volts and how I can fix this/ There is wood pannelling on the wall.

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If you are using a digital meter...it's probably "phantom voltage". Please post the reading from black to white and from each of those to ground. A regular meter with a needle would be better.

You should be able to safely take the cover off the panel and see if the wires are properly connected. And you can carefully make the same readings there.
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Thank you.

I used a Radio Shack meter with a needle and 3 ranges of voltage scales. When I stuck the probes in a wall outlet it read 120 volts. When I Checked the voltage between the black and white wires which are to to be connected to the heater, the meter read about 30 volts. I did not check it to ground. Since the cabin is 4 hours drive away, will have to ck it next trip.
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Try checking the voltage in the panel at the breaker to neutral. Check the connection to the breaker as well as the connection to the neutral bar and you may find your problem.

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