GFCI tester does not trip ARC breaker


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GFCI tester does not trip ARC breaker

I thought I didn't need GFCI outlets in my bathroom because I have an ARC breaker. When I press the test button on the ARC breaker in either the "short" or "ARC" direction, the breaker trips. However, when I plug a GFCI tester(Sperry E132446) in the bathroom outlet and press the test button, the breaker does not trip. The Sperry test does trip a GFCI outlet in the kitchen.

Should I be concerned that I don't actually have Ground Fault protection in the bathrooms?
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I am assuming your house is new enough to need GFI protection in the bathrooms since you said you have AFCI breakers. GFI protection has been required in bathrooms since the 80s.

While an AFCI breaker has a GFI component it is not the same level of protection as a GFI breaker or receptacle. The AFCI has 30 mA GFI which is not enough for bathrooms, kitchens and other locations that require GFI protection. A GFI breaker or receptacle provides 5 mA protection. Sounds like you need to add this to your bathrooms.
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Actually according to code the bathroom does not need to have a AFCI breaker, only a GFCI.
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There may be other issue may arise with this but before we can confirm this part.

What you need to do is plug in the nightlight or something in bathroom receptale and have someone find the breaker and turn it off it should turn off only in bathroom noting else affect the house if it did affect other room then you may have new issue to address.

Per NEC codé the lights in bathroom it don't have to be on the bathroom circuit that part can be on genral lighting circuit however the recpetale in the bathroom it have to be it own or share with other bathrooms only so that is the only two way it can be legit.

The bathroom can use either GFCI Breaker or GFCI receptale one of the two will meet the codés without issues.

So try that to see what the result is.

The GFCI devices are set at 6ma while the AFCI are set at 30ma and the GFCI plug in tester useally set at 8ma to trip it out if not tripping either you have AFCI or malfuctioning GFCI device.


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