Refrigirator Outlet/20 amp circut


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Refrigirator Outlet/20 amp circut

Why does my frig keep tripping my 20 am circuit? Background: I have a outlet wired with 20 amp wire (yellow), with a refrig plug in, also coming off that outlet is a yellow wire powering 6 canned lights. Circuit was tripping alot so through trouble shooting I have kept the lights off and the circuit still trips with just refrig plugged in.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

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Can you run an extension cord to another receptacle to see if the problem occurs there as well?

Could be a worn out breaker, could be something else.
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Follow up

Could a lose wire in my canned lights be causing it to trip? I have replaced the oulet with a new oulet, Frig and lights worked great for about 2 hours, than the circuit triped again. Turned off the lights, the circuit has not trip yet, frig contuinues to work, been about 18 hours now.
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I'd check the load on the circuit at the panel next. It's possible there is something else on this circuit too that you are unaware of that is causing your problem.

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