Garage - Pesky switch turns off garage door opener...


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Garage - Pesky switch turns off garage door opener...

This is my first post as well as I am a new homeowner of an older home that was constantly "jerry-rigged" for many years as it seems. I will try to break this down as easy as possible.

We have a switch in the portico and one next to the rails of the garage door that operate a chain pull light fixture. A fixture/outlet adapter is screwed into the light, then the bulb, and the garage door opener is plugged in. We realized that if we were to turn off the light in the garage, there goes power to the garage door as well.

We had an electrician come in who was paid by the sellers to do some work and made the switches inoperable and the light fixture constant hot so the garage door opener would always have power, but the ONLY light in the two-car garage is one bulb with a string, in the middle of the garage (not fun at night).

What I would like to do is install two garage ceiling fluorescent lights that can be operated by the switch in the garage AND in the portico THEN add a new outlet that is constantly hot to plug in the garage door opener.

I have searched for a week and nothing comes up. Any help would be appreciated!

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Tell us all the wires at the switch, all the wires at the GDO receptacle, and at the light. Tell us their colors and how they are connected. Is this conduit or cable. Attached or detached garage?
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Will do. I will get back to you tomorrow.
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It is possible you need to string more wires in order to have constant power for the garage door opener and also be able to use the wall switch to turn off the light.

Where does the power feed go to first?

It's okay to ask if you don't find what you are looking for after searching ten minutes let alone a week.

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