Socket Wiring for 12v DC "Bosch' type relay


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Socket Wiring for 12v DC "Bosch' type relay

Evening folks,
I've searched all over to find a socket wired with 10/12 ga wires in the three vertical slots and 14 /16 ga in the left and right slots but no joy. Everything seems to be All 14 to 16 ga. I've even tried to find sockets that I can insert female spade terminals but can't find the type of terminal with the little tab to prevent pushing out the wire when inserting the 5 bladed Bosch type relay. ANYBODY out there have any sites which have either the pre-wired socket with heavier gage wire or that sells the female spade terminals with the tab for 10 /12 ga and 14 / 16 ga wire?
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Have you tried a car audio/tuner shop? Those are standard issue for headlight relays and such. Any reputable shop should carry sockets prewired with 12-10ga switch leads. Otherwise, here:

Custom Connector - BR05-WH - Relay Accessories - Sensors, Switches & Relays - Allied Electronics Socket, $0.33 ea
TE Connectivity - 60249-1 - Crimp Terminals, Lugs and Wire Nuts - Connectors - Allied Electronics FastIn terminals (brass), $0.17 ea

I recommend soldering the wire to the terminals to avoid corrosion and pull-out.

And just so you know, the switch contacts (which should be getting the heavy gauge wire) are the center vertical (30) and two horizontals (87 and 87a). The other two verticals (85 and 86) are the coil. The coil does not need anything larger than 18ga, it is only drawing a few milliamps.


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THANKS JerseyMatt!
The links you provided seem to be what I was looking for. I'll call them in the AM to confirm then get my order in. As for the audio shop - haven't checked them but the auto parts stores all only had 16ga as the heaviest wire. This thing will be running a 50 AMP motor so want the heavier 10 / 12ga wires.

Thanks again!
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For 50A, you should be using 6AWG.
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The Bosch type relays are generally rated for 30 amps.

If you are going to be running a 50 amp motor you must remember that start up current can/will be significantly higher. I would recommend a starter solenoid as an alternative, it will be readily available and more than capable of handling the amperage.
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50 amp 12 volt motor you have to pay attetion to the voltage drop on them they are very senstive not like you deal with line voltage verison.

Now next step is the relay size most ice cube { most electricians will call them } are rated to 30 amp max as one member posted above. { just be aware there is few other ratings as well }

Once you get over 30 amp or more there is other type of relay it much larger size some peoples will call them contractor basically a hevey duty relay or big arse switch.

However with larger contractors they will come in two verison the interment duty { on for few seconds to couple minuites } or contionus duty which it mean it stay on all the time when power applyed to the contractor.

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Appreciate all the input. I've checked with the source provided by JerseyMatt and looks like it might work out. They are sending samples next week. Relay I'm using is 40-60 Amp so plenty for the max 50 amp motor. It is an intermittent use for a clay target throwing machine. Been used for years but nobody has thought to make the relay easily changeable by the user - which is what I'm trying to accomplish.
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An old time Ford fender wall mount starter solenoid might work if it is intermittent. Certainly be the cheapest solution.

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