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Thanks for your advise
I found the transformer at the furnace. It has a 16v
output. My chimes do have plungers and springs. Do you
think that will run both, or go buy a 24v?
Anyway, to the wiring. Yes, the wire dropping through the
cealing is coming right down the wall from the upstairs chime. You said to connect those wires to the same colored
wires on the chime. The chime has no wires, just a connection panel for front, rear, and transformer. I only
have the one front doorbell to worry about. The upstairs chime is like this. A red to front, a red to transformer, the white from bell and transformer twisted together and capped, and the green from bell not used. knowing all this now, should I be able to get my second chime to work without a second transformer? (I realize I may have to get a better transformer, just not a second one). And how would you wire the hanging wire to the second chime? Thanks again for all your help.
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I have two doorbells connected to one 16 volt transformer (or maybe it's 18 volt). They work, but my wife complains that the upstairs doorbell isn't as loud as it used to be before I installed the downstairs doorbell. I'll probably replace the 16-volt transformer with a 24-volt transformer as Wg has recommended.
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I'll jump in here...
"A red to front, a red to transformer, the white from bell and transformer twisted together and capped, and the green from bell not used."
I assume you don't want a front and rear button, just two chime sets.
Here's how to wire (I may have switched a couple of your wire colors, even though it's correct, if so just change them as follows)

Connect red from front button to "front" terminals on both chimes.
Connect white from front button to one transformer wire.
Connect the other transformer wire to both chime units transformer terminals.
The green will not be used.
If your transformer is 16 volt 15 watt, it will work fine. If not (16 volt 10 watt) upgrade to the 15 watts, Trine nos. 121AC or 125AC.
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Looks like you already have your answers to your questions.

You only replace the original transformer with a stronger new transformer. Do not try to install two transformers on the same circuit!

Hanyone, your heavier wattage output should work fine on many double door bell systems. However if there is enough wire distance as usually are the case the voltage increase should eleviate the extra distance that the 16 volts wouldn't reach and still have enough power. Either way that works should be fine, increasing the va output or increasing the voltage for distance. Still a seat of the pants engineering without calculating it out.

Hope this helps

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