help with electric motor


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help with electric motor

I have a dayton 3/4 hp electric motor that i put on a cement mixer. the problem is , it turns too fast. there are 7 wires coming out of the motor and they are hooked up as follows: The white wire has t4 t5 t2 connected to it the green wire has p2 t3 t8 the black wire has p1 does anyone know how to change these around to get it to run at a lower speed? thanks in advance
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Look at the motor nameplate and determine if it is a two-speed motor, if it is then follow the wiring diagram.

Most motors have only one speed and in this case you would either need to get a slower speed motor or use different pulleys to get a different speed.
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Standard motor rpm is around 1725.
Is it possible that you have a 3600 rpm power tool motor?
If so you can not change the speed on those.

Or, did you remove a motor/gearbox unit?

What are the specs of the motor you took off and what you are trying to install?
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the motor i put on it says; 3450 rpm's which is way too fast. i,ve got the smallest pulley i can put on it. I'm going to have to find a 1725 rpm motor, i think that would be perfect

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