Three-prong cable to power outlet question


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Three-prong cable to power outlet question

Hey guys,

Basically I'm building a small portable cabinet which I'd like to have a power outlet installed on the inside. I was hoping to run a 3 prong cable from the wall outlet to the back of the cabinet, and then have a socket (with a fuse) on the back of the cabinet to connect into. The reason I want a 3-prong cable is because I want to be able to remove the cord from the back of the unit (just like you would a TV/PC etc.).

Then on the inside there would be a basic power outlet, which is directly wired to the back of the external socket.

Basically what I'm asking is if there's a reason that this won't work if done correctly? I'll probably have it put together by a friend who is a qualified electrician, I would just like to know if what I'm planning will work so I can order the parts I need. If there's a reason it won't work, I'm open to suggestions on how I'd achieve what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your help.

PS. The pictures are Australian versions (active/neutral/earth).
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I think it will work. I dont know much about austrailian wiring, though.
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Yes it will work if you do it right. I have done similar configurations for various types of shops that have mobile work stations.

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