susieq1984: Ellectric To Above Ground Pool


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susieq1984: Ellectric To Above Ground Pool

Hi! we just put up a above ground pool too, and trying to run electric out to a deck we are going to put beside pool. We dug a trench for a water line for a shower and also underground electric/conduit to come up a pole outside the deck 6 ft from the pool. I hope this is correct. lol.
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I don't have enough details to know if it's correct or not, but running electrical to a pool is complicated, especially with a shower nearby. There are many things to get right to make it a safe, legal installation including proper clearances, GFCI protection, weather protection, bonding grid and so forth. I can list some of the general requirements, but it would be a very good idea to have an electrician who is familiar with pool installs to check your work. Also make sure the work is permitted and inspected.
  • Conductors must be buried in conduit 18" deep with green insulated ground wire no smaller than #12.
  • All outlets must be at least 10' from the rim of the pool, except the pump outlet which may be 5' from the pool if it is weatherproof, has a twist-lock receptacle, and a GFCI breaker.
  • All outlets must have GFCI protection
  • The bonding grid or ring around the pool must be solid #8 copper and bond all metal components including plumbing, rebar, filter equipment, and the water bonder. The bonding grid should include the shower area and all associated equipment if within 10' of the pool.

I hope this is correct. lol.
I don't see what's funny about mixing water and electricity. It's a serious job where mistakes can kill people.

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