15 amp on 100 year old house pull fuse grandfathered?


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15 amp on 100 year old house pull fuse grandfathered?

okay., call me stupid for renting here. i know. there were 44 spent fuses in the fusebox cabinet located in kitchen containg first floor and second floor fuses. both are pull lever down. second floor has one 15 amp for whole house. first floor has one 15 amp in middle and on side what appears to be on 30 amp and one 15 - and that the 15 may not apply. cannot run an air conditioner. it is super hot. lived here 2 months. landlord says a) he does not have to provide for the use of a window air conditioner because the house is 119 years old and has NOT, he says, been upgraded - so he is i) protected by grandfathering and b) just because i cannot put in an air conditioner - he is not required to tell me prior to renting that i cannot run a single air conditioner. b) landlord sent 2 electricians - one moved the second floor fuse to a 'new' circuit breaker outside the first floor apt so the girls upstairs would quit calling me up 3x a day to change their fuses. (fuses are screw in) the second electrian put in a 30 fuse to 'solve' having to flip the circuits. called a third electrician to get quote on independent second line on first floor so i could put in ac - he said 300 - and got here and said it was too hazardous to work on. house is in an LLC so if it burns, the landlord's suburban house cannot be caught in litigation, all 3 electricians said house needs new panel and new circuit breakers for 3500. ideal would be to rewire whole house. would YOU pay rent for a house you could not put a window ac in EVER? 19 violations from 2009 were 'dismissed' in administrative hearings because the no lights in attic, no ventilation, broken walkway - despite inspector found these problems - dismissed cause 'city did not show burden.' those problems still exist. who was paid off to say everything was good? landlord told me 4x he would 'crucify' me if i call building electrical inspector and 'try to take him on.' yes, i am female and not as stupid as i sound, my dad was a floor sander refinisher - i should know better.
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I think that you should have posted in either the chats and discussions forum or the Legal forum since you didn't really ask any question pertaining to electricity.

Yes, I think that you were stupid to rent there without first ascertaining just what a mess you were getting into. I also suggest that in the future you start your sentences with capital letters and use proper paragraphs if you really want people to read your posts.
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ok. This should have been in the legal forum.

If the house is 100+years old and has never been modified, how are you plugging in your a/c to the 2-prong (non-polarized?) outlets?

The so-called electrician that put in a 30A fuse was no electrician and did something extremely dangerous. The fuse is 15A for a reason an d should be no larger than a 15. Any larger has a high chance of starting a fire. There are resettable fuses available at most do-it-yourself centers. When they get overloaded and trip, you just push the button and it resets.

landlord told me 4x he would 'crucify' me if i call building electrical inspector and 'try to take him on.'
Don't be afraid of him. He is trying to scare you and can't do anything about it. You can call whoever you want if you wish.

Also, could you please use capitualization and enter a few times, your post was a little hard to follow.
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Yes, by some this house may be considered 'Grandfathered" and by others it may not be fit for habitation. A call to the AHJ may shut down rental activities and you could be evicted. It's definitely a legal issue.
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I agree. You could be evicted by your landlord. But evicted from what? Better than having a fire due to poor electrical service and waking up dead. I know it is difficult, but you could do better, IMO. Get "first blood".
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Rental laws vary by state. Try to find your lanlord/tenant laws online. Here in NJ, it is against the law for the landlord to make a threat like that one he made to you. It is also against the law for the landlord to take retrobution against you for calling athourities. You will need evidence for everything should you do battle. If you don't want to do battle and get out of the lease, the easiest way would be to stop paying your rent. Eventually you will get a notice telling you to leave if you don't pay the back rent or you will face an eviction hearing. This is good for you because you won't be held accountable for rent for the remainder of the lease. after you move out, cut a check for any money owed less the security. I do doubt that this landlord is very legit and you could have some issues here. Document everything in writing and send it certified mail. Take lots of pictures. Any estimaterd you get from elections, make sure they are in writing and make sure they make notes of the dangerous situations. You can also have local inspectors come out and inspect the building. I'm not entirely clear on why the past violations were dismissed, but it sounded like the inspectors didn't provide any evidence except for testimony. So in this case you should be there with them and take video/pictures.

The landlord doesn't owe you a/c unless the lease says so. If I were you, I would try to get out of their with the least amount of hassle possible.

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