'new' 4 yr old nimh wont work


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'new' 4 yr old nimh wont work

4 years ago it was a pain to find replacement battery for my cordless phone so when i did, i figured why not get 2 since they werent lasting that long. Ive had the 'new' battery plugged in for about 4 hours now and the phone wont do anything at all..i would have figured at least would ring or turn on

i take it you cant 'store' new nimh batteries for later use? or does it really need 15 hours like the charger says to even make a peep
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4 yrs is a long time to store a battery. I'd plug it in and see if it would hold a charge but it would probably be a good idea to start searching for a new battery in case it doesn't charge up.
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NiMH batteries will self discharge over time so after four years they are likely stone cold dead and will take a long time to charge. NiMH may also loose capacity after being stored a long time but a few discharge/recharge cycles should bring them back to full capacity.
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I found even with new batteries it took almost the full charge time before anything worked.

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