Electrician school


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Electrician school

hey Pro electricians... I am a 51 year old, out of work for a long time.
About the only thing I can think of for a new line is becoming a licensed
electrician with a minor in solar/wind. I have unlimited time this year.
Where would you go for an intensive/fast 1-2 year or less course that
comes with proper certification. I will be in the Florida region this winter but anyplace would do. I want a fast program. Not an installers course or something like that. A full license is what I want. Any info appreciated....
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Many areas require an apprenticeship program and 5-7 years of validated work experience before being allowed to sit for the masters test.

I really can't add much more.
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A fast course in solar and/or wind sounds possible and certainly in demand. No electrical license required as you can hire an electrician if/when needed. Specific knowledge, business, and sales skills are the high priority. There are also many programs where a certification is sufficient, usually a course for a couple of weeks.

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IF you want to get in to the trade fast, with limited time, I suggest getting into the power limited side of things. Low voltage network cabling and the like. Demand is good and the requirements are much less and in some cases not licensed. My state requires 4,000 hrs of work experience before you may even take the journeymen test. 2 years of school = 1,000 hours.
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I'd really have to think long and hard about starting into a licensed/certified trade at 51. Even if you are working under someone 20 yrs your junior you will be expected to be doing all the crap work to start out.

"Hey newbie, need you up in that 120 degree attic to run these wires"...."Hey newbie, time to get in that muddy roach infested crawlspace to check for whatever"......"Hey newbie, go get those 10 spools of wire out of the van and bring them up to the 3rd floor".

How are your knees, back, and tolerance level?
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I think you will have to move to a state that has no or low licensing requirements. The states that do require licensing generally mandate at least 4-5 years of school, training, apprenticeship or some combination of similar experience. Mike Holt has a very comprehensive state-by-state list of licensing requirements here:

Mike Holt Electrical Licensing Boards

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