One more time on this extra door chime

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I found out why my second chime would not work when I attatched wires to it. The wire the builder dropped through floor from first chime was not connected at the first chime! DUH. Sorry guys. So, I have my only doorbell coming to first chime, and my transformer coming into first chime. Bell wire is attatched red to front terminal and white twisted and capped with white from transformer. Of course red from transformer is on transformer terminal. So, my third wire, I no green will not be used. What is the proper connection at each chime for this third wire. thanks guys, Last time on this one, I promise!
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I can't figure out what you're saying, so I'll ignore it. Sorry.

You didn't really say, but I assume the cable in the basement at least GOES to the first chime, even though it is not connected to it. The suggestion below is based on this assumption.

All you need to do is connect any two wires in the cable to the two screws on the upstairs doorbell. Then connect the same two wires to the two screws on the downstairs doorbell. Don't worry about wire color -- just be consistent. And don't worry about any extra wires in the cable -- you only need two.

This is very simple. Don't try to make it complicated.
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As long as you original door bell is working properly now, then don't change the wiring that original. JOhn is right, all you are doing is extending the two screws at the first door chime to the two screws at the second door chime. This makes the chimes operated as if they are the same door chime. The discussion with the transformers were only if the second door chime increased the load to the point that the chimes don't ding loud enough. If the two chimes quite down in their volume when you connect the two wires between the two scews of the first door chime to the second door chime then we suggested replacing the original transformer with a stronger transformer to perform the extra work of the second chime. The original wiring does not have to be changed at all. Just extend the two wires from the screws of the first door chime to the second door chime so they are both connected to the same wires, that is all.

If you have to change the transformer to a stronger transformer then you just hook the transformer wires up the same as the old transformer and again you change no wiring, just reconnecting the old wires.

Good Luck


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