Home Generator Problem


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Home Generator Problem

My son was given a 5K watt gas generator that would not run. It has set for a few years and the wiring was "Botched up"
I just finished getting the motor running again and worked on the generator for a short time.
Here is the problem--
There are four wires exiting the generator--Black--Red--Orange--and Green.
Black to Orange= 120V
Black to Red=102V
Red to Orange=20V
Strange thing is, I installed a new 120V recepticle and hooked the Black wire to Neutral and the Orange (120V) to Hot I also hooked the Green to Ground.---It would not even run a 120V drill
Changed the Orange to Red (102V) and the drill worked fine.
We checked operation with Three different electric motors.
Any thoughts or suggestions??
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What kind of meter did you use to do the test and was there any load on the generator while you tested? Try your tests with simple light bulbs too instead of motors.

The generator may have sat too long and the armature might have lost some residual magnetism. You may need to flash the exciter coil to get it back to working condition. I'm not sure if it's possible with all kinds of generators, but you can search the Internet for suggestions of how to do it. I believe you need to access the internal windings of the exciter coil and run a limited DC current through using a car battery and a resistor of some type.

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