How do I wire a L14-30 Gen-set to my 3- wire pump


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How do I wire a L14-30 Gen-set to my 3- wire pump

I want to directly plug my water pump to my 5500 watt generator. I will use a standard generator extension cord to a gen-set waterproof male inlet through the house and run 10/3 wire to a L14-30 outlet. I will wire a L14-30 plug to my well pump and have a L14-30 outlet to my home service. My question is, how do I eliminate the neutral wire in my dry basement so they will all mate up? The generator will be stationary in an enclosure and grounded by a ground pole. No male cord ends will be powered, so that is not a concern. Sorry if this has been brought up before, but my search only found results for people who wanted to tie into their home AC power, I understand the dangers there and will avoid those by running extension cords and doing this set up. Thanks for any assistance.
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First question: Is your water pump powered by 120 volts or 240 volts?

If it is 120 volts then you connect the black lead to either the X or Y terminal in the plug, the white wire to the N (or silver) terminal and the green to the G (or green) terminal. If it is 240 volts then you connect the black and red leads to the X and Y terminals (order not important) and the green to the G (or green) terminal.

Understand that having the 30 ampere receptacle on a branch circuit of less Ampacity is a code violation.

Second question: Why don't you want to install a proper transfer panel?
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Welcome to the forums! I agree with Furd, 5500 watts is a big waste for just a well pump. A good Generac switch gear could provide so much more in the event of an outage. I do hope this is for an outage situation. Running it continuously on a genny may reduce motor life due to fluctuations in sine waves. Just a thought.
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Why not use a 6-20 female on the cord from the genny and use a 6-20 on the well control cordand on the wall?

Also note 5500W gennies use 20A breakers for all of the receptacles including the 30A.

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