Splice length to existing Malibu u/g line?


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Splice length to existing Malibu u/g line?

I have a long Malibu landscape lighting run initially professionally installed 12 years ago. I need to add ~10' to the end of the line for one new fixture. A new Malibu kit calls for 14-2 low voltage line. Given the size of the existing line in ground line, it's either a much lower gauge or much heavier insulation or both given the long run from the transformer. The existing is ~2.5 x the size of Lowe's exterior UV 14-2.

Given adding such a short length and the addition is at the end of the run, I do not see a voltage drop problem using the Lowe's cable.

However, I'm wondering about the splice between the two different size cables. Since the line is only about 4" below grade and it's difficult finding a waterproof connector that'll handle these two differing sizes, I'm thinking about just very thoroughly wrapping the connection with electrical tape.

If there's a better, reasonable alternative I'd like to hear it.

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I would solder the splices and use heat shrink tubing over the splice.
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Electrical tape is no good. Solder and shrink wrap would prob work or waterproof wirenuts ...which would be simpler.
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Solder is the best you can do, second to that is some type of crimp connector although that will eventually fail.

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