DC to AC converter purchasing problem


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DC to AC converter purchasing problem

Hi to all my friends...
I have 12v 32ah battery and i am charging it with appropriate solar panel and charge controller. I am not problem with that...
But now i want to convert it into 220v AC .
I dont want inverter because i am already having charging equipment and works proper.
So i want DC to AC converter and how many watts converter should i buy from market?
i want 12v * 32amp =384 watt 220 v AC output or can i get more watts output from the same ?
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Sorry to say that an inverter is what converts DC to AC current.
They are only about 80% efficient so for the 384 watts that your inverter will draw for one hour your output will only be about 300 watts in the same one hour.
Also, if you plan to draw that high a current out of a small battery, it is likely that the battery's rating is based on a 20 hour draw.
If you take all its power in one hour the rating will be a lot less.

The only way to do away with converting DC to AC is to find devices that are already DC.
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Welcome to the forums.

You say you don't want an inverter, but an inverter is exactly what you need to derive 220 volts AC from a 12 volt DC source.
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Thanks for reply..
As i have seen till now...
Inverters first charge battery from converting 220 to 12 with 3/6 amp... ok.
And while using loads it back converts 12 dc to 220 ac...
so what i have seen in indian market is providing inverters for AC/DC and back DC/AC...
Half off i do have ... i want remaining half ...
and i just want to buy so...
Let me know of which rating dc to ac / inverter i should gn for..
I mean inverter with rating like-
12v dc to 220v ac with 300watt output... OR
12v dc to 220v ac with some higher wattage and would it be ok..
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No, it is a transformer that converts ac to a lower voltage, suitable for battery charging connected through a diode to change ac to dc.
A diode makes charging a battery a simple process.
So, based on what you are telling us, your solar panels are being used in place of a battery charger to charge your battery.

Converting dc to ac is a much more complicated process.
The device to do this is called an inverter.......The device that converts ac to dc is called a battery charger.

You need an inverter to convert the 12 volts dc of the batteries to 220 volts ac.
If you can explain more about what you are doing we might be able to help.
What is the load you are going to run with this set up, what capacity is your solar panel and how long do you expect it to run at a time.?
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solar panel- 12v 40watt.
which gives 3.6 amp.
but fluctuating...
To maintain at 3 i used solar charge controller..
(controls volts n amps too).
then battery- 12v 32 ah.
means tooks 8 hrs to get charged.
now i want 4 cfls= 60watts total
and tv= 300 watt
TOTAL= 360 watts
during day i want only tv n night 4 hrs tv n only one 15 watt bulb...
Now i just want to purchase best device to do this.
i thnk i m clear.
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Both the TV and light can be 12v so no inverter needed. Given the cost of an inverter you should be able to buy a small 12 volt TV instead of an inverter for the same or less cost. LED lighting would go well with a 12 volt source and use less power then some other types. So using no inverter and using the 12 volt source directly would seem to be the best and simplest solution.

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