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I have a light switch that operates a single ceiling light in the bath that has stopped working. I've checked the fuse and the light bulb, both are ok. At the light switch there are 2 black wires that go to the back of the switch and three white wires that are joined togather by a wire nut. I've put a volt meter on the two black leads going to the switch and they do not have any power in the "on" or "off" position. I've checked the light bulb socket with a volt meter and it has no power either in both "on" and "off" positions. I put one lead of the volt meter on the white wires and the second lead of the volt meter on the black wire going to the bottom of the light switch and there I have power(both "on" and "off"). When I put the second lead from the volt meter on the black wire going to the top of the switch I don't get any power in either "on" or "off". Are you able to help me solve my problem? I hope you can understand my description of my problem and I've provided enough info.

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It does sound like your switch is faulty. Replace it with a new one, and let us know here if that doesn't fix the problem.

Make sure the power is off before working on the switch.

Good luck. Rick Miell
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If I jump the two black wires going to the switch will that bypass the switch and make the light go on?
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You said you tested at the switch from the white to the black and it was hot. Then you tested the top black, but did not say whether you tested from that wire at the top of the switch to the white wire again or to the other black wire at the bottom of the switch. Both tests must be between either of the black wires to the white.

Yes you can jump the to black wires together and see if the light comes on. Just make that jump with the power of then turn it back on so that you don't experience a flash back.

10 years ago, I spent two months totally blind with 87 hot metal burns to my eyes balls, taking a short cut while the power was on. A fire ball totally surrounded my head in a split second. I didn't even know it happened until it was over. I got my sight back but consider myself much more educated and EXTREMELY LUCKY.

Be safe.


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