What size wire for my Double oven at 80' run of wire


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What size wire for my Double oven at 80' run of wire

Hello All,
I have a double oven I acquired for my kitchen remodel. It is a Kenmore Pro. I got it on clearance a while back. Have no paperwork.

Are all double ovens 240 single phase?

If I use both broilers at same time watts are 8000 (about 33.5amps)
chances are I wont.

If I use 1 broiler and the other oven as convection is 6500 watts (about 27 amps)

Both convection ovens use 5000 watts (about 21 amps)

Through using this tool at link:
American Wire Gauge table and AWG Electrical Current Load Limits with skin depth frequencies

My cable run will be 80' the tool says round trip so 160' ? Why?

So with this info shows a voltage drop of about 7 volts with 8awg and both broilers on (34amps)

With 1 broiler and 1 convection on (27amps) shows a voltage drop of 5.57 volts

Am I going to have problems with the stove working? Will it wear out or break down sooner.?

Also someone was telling me my electric bill will go up substantially because the electricity is fighting to get to the stove. Never heard such a thing. Use is use right?

Bottom line should I go with 6awg 3 conductor w/ground

One more thing. I saw an article about wiring a double oven and it said something about if there was no neutral block in the panel to connect it to the ground. Can I run 6-2 w/ground and terminate the white (nuetral) to the ground wire in the outlet box?, LOL Prob not but wire is expensive!!

Thanks, Robert
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Oh MY! More info! Grrrr!

Now I came across an article talking about cable amp ratings and ambient temperature affecting the wires output and heat. Oh my!!!

my plans were for NM-G Wire and it will go through my attic. Gets to 105 degrees here in summer.

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Are all double ovens 240 single phase?
Google is your friend. Google the model number and find the installation and instruction manuals. What does the nameplate list as the voltage required? If it is 120/240 volts, you need a neutral and must run a 3 wire cable (blk, red & wht w/Grd). If it is just 240 volts, you won't need a white neutral conductor. The installation manual will tell you what wire size to use and what size breaker to connect it to.
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Your oven should have a dataplate somewhere on it. In the recess of the door is a typical area. The circuit ampacity should be there along with whether the unit is 240 or 120/240.

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