No power at outdoor receptacle


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No power at outdoor receptacle

The circuit breaker is not tripped and other receptacles on the breaker work fine. How do I find out where the problem is?
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Is the receptacle a GFCI? Is there a GFCI upstream of the outside receptacle?

If the receptacle is not receiving power then I would check the connections on the outside receptacle and the first device before the bad outlet. You may have a GFCI inside the house the feeds the outside one if it is not a GFCI.
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Likely a GFCI tripped somewhere but they can be hard to find.
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To save money, they install just one GFCI, then place all outside outlets downstream of that. So look for GFCI outlets everywhere outside. Front of house, sides of house, garage. Garage hidden behind boxes. Bathroom. Kitchen. Basement. Attic. Press reset on each GFCI you find.

You are not supposed to run outside outlets from other locations like the bathroom, but no telling what someone did????

And so far as I am concerned, it would be a good idea to totally eliminate the load side connections on GFCI's and require a separate GFCI outlet at each location or a GFCI breaker. Then people would not have to hunt for these...

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