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Transfer switch

I have a generac xp8000e generator and would like to hook this up to a transfer switch next to my panel. First of all my generator has ac rated output watts of 8000 and ac maximum output watts of 10000. Rated amps of 33.3 and maximum amp of 41.7.

I was looking at the pro/tran q series transfer switches. Pro/Tran Q Series | Products | Reliance Controls Corporation

Seeing most of these trasfer switches say maximum running watts of 7500 I am assuming I would have to go up to the next size switch which has a maximum running watts of 12500. Is this correct? I was thinking the Q510A switch.

Q510A Pro/Tran Q Series | Product Details | Reliance Controls Corporation

Next question is the xp8000e is full panel gfci protected. Will these transfer switches work with this generator or do I need something else such as a transfer panel like this:

Reliance Controls XRC0606D - 60-Amp Utility/60-Amp (GFI) Gen Indoor Transfer Panel

The description for this panel says:
Designed For Use With GFI-Equipped Portable Generators
•Exclusive third-pole for the neutral that switches sequentially


Useful Applications
•Portable generators w/ GFCI protected outlets

Can I use the transfer switch mentioned first or will the GFCI interfere and I need something like the panel?

Thanks in advance for all the help.
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Correct! The switching equipment should meet or exceed the load. Things hold up better if designed to handle more of a load than you are using. They tend to fail quickly if rated below the load you are using and that could be dangerous.

Then as to the GFCI....

That is required for using for other uses than as a home/building back-up generator. (Construction site, etc.) If you are just going to use it for your home back-up, then you may be able to remove a bonding connection on the generator which connects neutral to ground???

Then you could use a "regular" transfer switch which does not switch the neutral.

Otherwise if you need to keep the bonding connection on the generator, you would need a "neutral switching" transfer switch.

In either case, you are best to contact the generator manufacturer and ask what your options are. Ask for specific instructions and a label to place on the generator if removing the bonding wire. And ask about grounding the generator if that is done. And then also ask if the transfer switch you plan to use will be ok.

Also might want to run whatever they say by your local electrical inspector. Then if all is ok from both of them, THEN buy the appropriate transfer switch.

Then you are pretty well covered...
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30 amp inlet on transfer panel

So I decided to go with a different generator as the xp8000e sounded like a pain with the GFCI plus saving myself about $2000 in total installation.

The new gereator I ordered is again 8000 watts and 10000 surge watts. I am going to go with the protran q series q510c 50 amp transfer switch in case I decide to upgrade the generator in the future.

My questions is since the L4-30r plug on the generator only gives off 30 amps, can I install a 30 amp inlet on the outside of the house as the 50 amp inlet will not accomodate the plug? I plan on using the appropriate guage wires for 50 amps on the wires running to the transfer switch as I said if I wanted to upgrade down the road. Or do they make a generator wire that goes from 30 amps plug side for the generator to a 50 amp side for the inlet?

Thanks again.
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Cut the end off and add a 50 amp female, or buy an adapter.

( That was a TT cord I posted so I deleted it. Not sure if they make a connector. )

What transfer switch did you get?

I would probably just use a 30 amp inlet.

Mike NJ

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This is the transfer switch I have.

Q510C Pro/Tran Q Series | Product Details | Reliance Controls Corporation

Seems to be one of the better ones out there so you can move the breakers around if you need too.....unless I am missing something.

I still need an inlet so I guess I will just go with a 30 amp outside the house instead of the adapter.

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