12 or 14 gauge


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12 or 14 gauge


i am doing a kitchen remodel and i am adding onto some circuits and extending others.....i got 14 gauge wire because all the circuit breakers are 15 amp.

but, i think the existing wire is 12 gauge.

should I continue with 12 gauge or go with the 14? Of course the 14 is cheaper and I have more of it.

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If the breaker is 15 amp, 14 ga is fine.
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In a kitchen remodel, many circuits are required to be 20A with #12 wire. If you can describe the extent of your remodel we can advise you on what the electrical requirements are.
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Well the circuit I am adding onto has a 15amp breaker and I am basically cutting the wires mid way between the panel and the recessed cans/outlets and splicing in a short run of wire (about 10 feet) and then reconnecting the circuit again. I might add some more cans too.

Although the circuit breaker is 15 amp, the wire looks thicker than the 14g I am splicing in, so I am assuming it is 12g. I am suspecting the electrician only had 12g wire and thus used it instead of 14g.
Also, the original wire is not marked with gauge markings, so I dont know for sure.

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#14 or #12 on a 15a breaker is okay for lighting in a kitchen but you must also under modern code have two 20a counter top receptacle circuits. If you don't you are probably grandfathered unless you start tearing out walls.

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