Wolfe Sunquest 316SL Tanning Bed gives electric shock


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Wolfe Sunquest 316SL Tanning Bed gives electric shock

My tanning bed has began to shock me when I touch the screws holding the metal trim on the edges of the acrylic. My husband and I have taken it apart and checked the balasts, we have checked the wires, the sockets for the bulbs, the fans,the switches...we cannot figure this out!! Please someone help me determine if this is normal, my husband says that it is 110v and it is very dangerous...I don't know what else to try.
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Originally Posted by Julianne James View Post
Please someone help me determine if this is normal, my husband says that it is 110v and it is very dangerous...
Definitely not normal, and yes it could be dangerous. How is the tanning bed wired -- is it permanent hardwired or connected to a wall receptacle with a cord? If it is wired with a cord three-prong or two? Was it factory wired or field wired when installed? Any other electrical issues with other appliances in the home?
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If it uses a grounded plug, this should not be happening!

And the shock could be coming from the ground connection on the outlet, and getting to there from another defective appliance! (It could be the tanning bed has no electrical problem.)

If the tanning bed DOES have a ground connection on its electrical connection, then you should call an electrician no matter if the bed is the problem or something else. Because there would definitely be something wrong with the grounding in your house electrical system.

Common problems are that the ground connection at the main electric panel has come undone, ran over by a lawnmower and cut, a car scraped the wall and cut it, etc., then no one fixed it.

Or the ground is/was connected to a cold water pipe ground as the only ground, then someone replaced the underground cold water pipe with plastic or sections between that connection and the underground metal water pipe.

A good modern ground for your electrical system is two ground rods placed 6 ft. apart and heavy gauge wire run to the main electric panel. Then a separate heavy gauge wire run to the metal water pipe system (if you have metal). And ground wires connecting hot water pipes to the cold. And jumpers connecting portions which have been replaced with plastic.

And also check that the ground wire going to the tanning bed is contiguous from the electric panel.

And that ground is bonded to neutral at the main electrical panel.

And that no other appliances are "leaking" electricity to ground.

If you do not have grounded wiring, a GFCI outlet will turn off the electricity to the tanning bed instantly if you are shocked.
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