Lleo joseph: Intercom/lock transformer


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Lleo joseph: Intercom/lock transformer

My jeron model 5025 will not open the front door from any apartments. The Adams door strike operates ok when 24 volts is applied. There is 0 voltage at the door relay when an apartment door button is pressed.
Is there any thing else I can do before I consider installing a new box?
Is installing a new box a doable project for a maintenance person?
What problems may I encounter?
Any help would be appreciated
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What is the voltage under load on the secondary of the transformer?
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I would bypass the building wiring to test the unit. This would tell me if there was a problem with the building wiring or if there was a problem with the unit.

There can be all sorts of problems with low voltage wiring. Sometimes it is not installed properly. Someone just twists a connection together and does not use a wire nut. Then years later the connection stops working.

Or work might be done around a building which cuts or stretches a wire. A workman might have drilled into a wall or cut into a wall and cut a main wire. Or a wire can be strung very tight, then the building settles and eventually breaks the wire.

My tools for testing would be a schematic wiring diagram of the door opener unit,

A multimeter,

And a noise making continuity tester (sometimes wireless) is helpful to test the buttons from each apartment.

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