Adding 3rd wire


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Adding 3rd wire

My home has old 2-wire. I want to install Insteon switches and outlets, but the RF circuit in the Insteon product requires power provided by use of a 3rd (common/ground) wire. Should I consider pulling 3-wire romex instead of just adding a separate com wire?
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All conductors of a circuit need to be run in the same cable or raceway. You would need to install new cables.
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but the RF circuit in the Insteon product requires power provided by use of a 3rd (common/ground) wire
That sounds wrong. Grounds are strictly for safety in case of an over current event. I believe you in fact need a 3rd dedicated wire but not the ground that perhaps they call common.
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In looking at the instructions for installing these devices it looks like you need both the hot(black) and neutral(white) for these devices to work as they draw some power of the RF transmitter. The ground (bare/green) should not be required for them to work.

If you are replacing a switch and it only has two wires (one cable) in the box and the black and white from the same cable are connected to the switch then you have switch loop and you don't have a common. This would require that you run a new 3 wire cable to provide a common for the switch to operate.

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