How to close an open circuit


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How to close an open circuit

Just recently I have been replacing a bathroom heater/ventilation fan, and in my bathroom I have a dual light switch on the wall and a four switch panel near my bathroom mirror (vent fan, heat fan, nightlight, etc.). In the process of connecting all the wire connections per the manufacturer's instructions, I wired the nightlight (near the mirror) to the light switch and the vent fan/overhead light. When the power was turned back on the light switch on the wall made a popping noise when I flipped the switch. Also breaker was tripped when this happened.

So I rewired the fan to the nightlight (only the nightlight) near the mirror and left the wall switch open (capped the wires).

#1 - Now my hallway lights do not work. Would this be why my hallway light don't work now, because it may be on the same circuit as the bathroom light switch, which is now open?

and #2 - How do I close this circuit? I've already tried replacing the light switch and rewire. Nothing worked.

Any advice would be incredibly helpful.
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I would recommend calling an electrician.
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Originally Posted by soxfann18 View Post
Now my hallway lights do not work....How do I close this circuit?
When you caused the short circuit at the light switch (popping noise, breaker trip) it probably caused a wire elsewhere in the circuit to burn through. This is why the hallway light no longer works. The solution is to open up junction boxes on this circuit one-by-one and inspect for damage at backstabbed devices and inside wirenut and crimp connections. The problem is usually at the first non-working device or last working device.
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Thanks for the advice. I'll try checking all those connections. Also is it possible for a hot wire to not be connected to anything and just capped? I admit these are pretty simple questions, I'm just trying to avoid the electrician.

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