Power outage interupt timer


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Power outage interupt timer

I have an electrical issue with my boat's shore power supply (a 110/220V system and better situated here rather than boat issues). The dockside power is succeptible to power outages and may have significant spikes upon power restoration (unconfirmed). The power source is 50A. My boat has 60A contactors, which should be enough, but they periodically get destroyed during winter windstorms.
My boat has the following AC power draws when on shorepower;
Engine block heaters,
Air supply compressor,
sump pumps, and
Space heaters.
All 4 components have very low duty cycles except the block heaters which once up to temperature draw only a small amount of current. The compressor has the largest surge current draw as one would expect. If I disconnect the space heaters, there is a low enough draw that power outages are not a concern, however in the winter I have to keep them turned on, although I can delay their reactivation.
My proposal is to plug the space heaters into a 110V interupt timer that would delay the reactivation of the space heaters. Preferably something that once power is restored, would wait a defined period of time (1 hr should do it) before turning the outlet on. Unfortunately, due to TSA requirements, the device needs to be UL/CSA approved, not something I build.
Does a device exist that would do this? a low amperage device is all that is required (15A max).
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A time delay relay would do the job. The contacts for these are typically rated at less than 15 amps, so you would need to use the TDR to trigger a second (15a rated) relay that would control the heater.

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